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You can only manage what you can measure. Having the right information in the right way to support health and wellness decisions is essential but not sufficient. Any solution also needs to be so convenient that it can be adopted as a habit without effort. By following this simple idea, we intend to put our customers in charge of their own well-being by turning large amounts of health metrics and fitness tracking data into easy-to-follow guidelines.


Making sense of wearable Metrics

Many of the technologies that we are integrating into the PersonaMetrics platform today were unheard of just a few years ago. We continue to expand our suite of innovative tools that form the bedrock of the emerging new world of wearable metrics, and to process that data with predictive analytics and present it in a clear and common language of actionable insights.

Take away one and the other two will suffer.

Modern health and fitness monitoring creates tremendous amounts of inter-related data - knowing what to do with that data, and what it means in the context of each individual takes a more comprehensive approach than existing peripherals can handle.



There’s a lot more to wearable metrics than three rings

Our growing suite of services, curated in part by IBM Watson Health, aggregates and quantifies user metrics in a way that provides more significant insights than how much time you spent on the treadmill.

Health has as much to do with the mind as it does with the body.

Personal health is a very complex balance of factors. It requires a highly personalized system that is able to comprehend the wide range of unique personal traits and circumstance that define us.



More important than counting calories.

Factors such as types of food, macronutrients, time of day, genetic predisposition, medications and family histories often matter more than calories.

Personal Health & Wellness Support

Our unique collaboration of Watson Health Diagnostics and personalized lab testing allows us to work with doctors to simplify their workload and assist with client follow-ups and medication compliance. For the client it interprets laboratory tests and compiles data gleaned from wearable monitors in easy-to-understand language and graphics that guide clients to actionable wellness choices.



Serious fitness needs serious data

The wrist is easily one of the most useless parts of the human anatomy for creating meaningful data - which is why everyone uses predictive analytics. We’re big fans of PA, but it is not nearly as good as the real data that our line of smart fitness wear generates.

Making something great even better

By delocalizing the tiny monitoring zone of the leading SmartWatches, we significantly increase the accuracy and types of useful biometric data by well over 500%, and make the data that the watches do gather far more accurate.


The first and only AI on a Watch

We are currently branding our smartwatch app for several of our clients. Compatible with Apple WatchOS, Android, Fitbit, Samsung, Garmin, and others, it is always with you, learning about you and ready when you need it.

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